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hello there.

 My name is Jacqueline, most people call me Jack, and I am in the business of creating. I've loved art, design, and craft since I could first get hold of a pair of scissors, crayons and glue.


After completing my BFA studies at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Georgia, USA I needed to see the world. During my trip, I was charmed by a fellow traveling Irishman then found myself moving to Australia with him and stayed in Melbourne ever since. 


It was here that I discovered my career-path's perfect union; with a passion for cinema and a love for crafts my interests coalesced into the role of Graphic Artist for film and television productions.

For as much as graphic work is computer based, I found that just as much needs to be created by hand. From modern-day graphics to objects of the past, I hope to assist in any of your graphic needs.